Extremely dangerous and maybe destructive earthquake in Central Myanmar – 6 people killed so far

Sunday, November 11, 2012
By Paul Martin

November 11, 2012

Update 05:52 UTC :
The Shwebo district – hardest hit by this quake – has about 1,700,000 inhabitants, news from the direct epicentral region has not yet come about.
Death toll remains at 6. Unofficial death toll at 7.
Update 05:48 UTC :
The total number of dead has changed from the bridge collapse: 4 workers died and 24 were injured at the construction site of Yatanar Theinga bridge in Kyauk Myaung sub-township of Shwebo, said locals.
Two Buddhist monasteries in Kyauk Myaung sub-township have also collapsed, causing 2 deaths.
10 pot/porcelain-making workshops were also damaged in the nearby Nwe Nyein Township.
Update 05:43 UTC :
– Most employment in the area comes from fishing, rice farming and agriculture.

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