America Has Shifted To The Left And The Culture War Is Over

Friday, November 9, 2012
By Paul Martin
November 8th, 2012

Election day 2012 showed once again that America is moving steadily to the left. Yes, Barack Obama defeated Mitt Romney, but the underlying dynamics run much deeper than that – especially when you take a look at social issues. Older voters are more conservative when it comes to social issues, but they are slowly dying off and being replaced by younger voters that tend to be much more liberal. So on a whole host of controversial social issues including gay marriage, abortion, immigration and drug legalization we are seeing a dramatic shift take place. The American people as a whole are rejecting traditional values and are embracing a more “progressive” view of morality that is being promoted by our education system, the entertainment industry and the federal government. Those that want to cling to the morality of the past are being told that they “are on the wrong side of history” and that they need to come into the 21st century. On election night I spent a lot of time watching CNN, and even their “conservative pundits” were trashing those that still believe in traditional values. Sadly, it is likely that those that believe in traditional values are going to have a harder and harder time trying to win national elections. It is much easier to get people to change their minds about economic issues or foreign policy issues than it is about fundamental questions of right and wrong. The demographic tidal wave that is pushing America to the left is not going to stop, and it would literally take a miracle to see this country start to move back in the direction of traditional values.

Twenty or thirty years ago, someone like Barack Obama would not have had a prayer of getting elected. But now, he is considered to be “moderate” and someone like Mitt Romney is considered to be “conservative”. That is how far this country has shifted to the left. The mainstream media likes to talk about how this is a “center-right” nation, but that is just because the mainstream media is always more liberal than the rest of the country is. The mainstream media is always eager for the rest of the nation to “catch up” to where they are already at.

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