Expanded Conflict in Syria Promised by Romney Will Proceed Under Obama…(The “Game” Always Remains “The Same”!)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012
By Paul Martin

Most irrelevant election in US history comes and goes as long-planned regime change using Al Qaeda death squads against Syria continues unabated.

Tony Cartalucci, Contributor
Activist Post.com
Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Almost as if to affirm the absolute irrelevance of elections in the “democratic” West, expanded conflict promised by the perceived “hawkish” Republican candidate Mitt Romney is proceeding immediately ahead under the re-elected President Barack Obama. Aside from superficial window dressing via an elaborate array of proxies through which US cash and weapons will flow, more direct military aid, including securing a defacto no-fly zone over parts of northern Syria using US-made Patriot missile batteries is now being discussed.

he Associated Press (AP) claims in their article titled, “Obama Re-Election Signals New Phase in Syria War,” that “Turkey and allies, including the United States, have discussed the possibility of using Patriot missiles to protect a safe zone inside Syria.” This, it is claimed, would only be implemented with a UN mandate. Such a mandate is unlikely, with Russia and China having obstructed all efforts to justify Libya-style military aggression against Syria. Additional cross-border incidents will most likely be used as a pretext instead.

Secretary Clinton Handpicks Client Syrian Regime at Meeting in Despotic Nation of Qatar.

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