25 Additional Items to Have on Your Bug-In List

Monday, November 5, 2012
By Paul Martin

Amanda Warren
Activist Post.com

I’m on the tail end of Hurricane Sandy – we had high winds, freezing rain, and power outages but apparently my area’s going to be slammed and it won’t be safe to go out. Certainly not the same as being in the midst of a life threatening emergency yet, but we often only think of the bare minimum items for survival through disasters – but what happens when minor or major events stretch on?

Both minor and major events force us to adapt. Aside from media smear campaigns painting preppers (people with common sense) as wackos and terrorists, most people are warming up to the idea of being prepared. Maybe they are eco-conscious and are naturally leaning towards doing without, or are romanticizing old times away from the technocratic rat race, or maybe scary news stories finally lit a fire beneath them.

If you were hunkered in for an indefinite amount of time what would you wish you had picked up when you had the chance? If you are experiencing minimal effects from the storm, it’s not too late!

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