We’re Witnessing Shocking Surge Of Retail Gold & Silver Buying

Sunday, November 4, 2012
By Paul Martin

November 4, 2012

Today one of largest gold and silver dealers in the United States told King World News, “We had massive retail buying of gold and silver this week. I would also add the buyers have come flooding in for the past two weeks, but there was literally an enormous surge of buying which took place on the gold and silver takedown on Friday.”

Here is the balance of what 40-year veteran, Bill Haynes, President of CMI Gold & Silver had to say: “This massive buying came in from many people who are brand new to the gold and silver markets. But at the same time, investors which own physical gold and silver at much lower prices were stepping up and adding aggressively to their existing positions.”

Across the board, buyers expressed that they were deeply troubled about the deteriorating financial condition of the United States and other Western nations….

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