‘Currency Wars’ & ‘Trade Wars’ Are On Going Already: Gold Prices Can Only Go Higher As The Euro And Dollar Will Become Worthless: The US Has Devalued, Russia & China Have Ditched The Dollar And Inflation Has Begun. HK Intervenes For 5th Time to Defend Peg In Just Two Weeks!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012
By Paul Martin

October 31st, 2012

Sell your euros and hoard gold as ‘war’ looms, says forecaster

“The EU is not helping Ireland from the bottom of their heart but the bottom of their wallet. The golden rule is ‘those who have the gold — rule.’ I had given the Irish more credit than to turn their freedom over to Brussels. The best thing Ireland could do is to get out and regain your independence and culture.”

More ominously, he likens the present global economic turmoil to the Thirties depression and predicts WW3.

“Once the bailout bubble collapses — and it will — you are looking at the next great war. You are already looking at ‘currency wars’ and ‘trade wars’. The US has devalued, Russia and China have ditched the dollar and inflation has begun due to the devaluations. The currencies are all buying less and less — and these things lead to real wars.

“WW3 is going on already — look at Yemen, Bahrain, Egypt andTunisia. Look at Spain, Greece and Portugal with millions on the streets — and it is only going to get worse.

“When people have lost everything and have nothing left to lose — they lose it. The young people on the streets have degrees in worthlessness and they can’t get a job. The young people are cyber-savvy, the testosterone is raging, they know they have been screwed and they don’t like it.”

He believes the euro and dollar will become worthless and suggests that Irish people should purchase gold and silver coins as a hedge.

Even Ben Bernanke Urged Third World Nations To Allow Their Currency To Appreciate Against Dollar

U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said a little currency appreciation in the developing world is not a bad thing.

Speaking at the International Monetary Fund meeting in Tokyo this weekend, Bernanke urged Third World nations to allow their currency to appreciate as a means of actually preventing inflation.

“The perceived benefits of currency management inevitably come with costs, including reduced monetary independence and the consequent susceptibility to imported inflation,” Bernanke said.

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