Sunday, October 21, 2012
By Paul Martin

OCTOBER 21, 2012

Chaz Napolitano is off her rocker. TPTB are hell bent on turning this country into an English speaking version of the East German Stasi spy state, complete with recruitment of every citizen in every apartment building on every block told to report on their neighbor, or else.

CHAZ is working overtime, with brief pauses for some sister-hood fun and games, to create the perfect society of narks, informants, false flags and bad guys. If you remember that fine Nazi, Hermann Goering, his rampant homosexuality coupled will his obsession of prying into the affairs of very German, the parallels are spooky. Ask the 12,000,000 exterminated in Germany how Hermann worked out for them. And this from one of the most cultured civilized countries in Europe.

How does all this begin?

Wait until the 53% of this nation’s population receiving federal benefits are told they must produce reliable leads in order to get their monthly rations. You’ll soon see people willing to do anything to keep the goodies flowing. This system worked like a charm for decades in the USSR, Cuba, North Korea and Red China.

It starts slowly with “if you see it, say it’. This is the first nudge complete with informative videos at bus and train stations. Then roving TSA VIPR patrols stopping people at random, demanding that they ‘produce their papers’.

The Rest…HERE

Merchants are told to report suspicious activities like a customer paying in cash, people who use the free WIFI at Starbucks, swarthy middle eastern young men talking furtively, associating with social media along with 25 other things the government thinks purport to indicate covert activity. I am sure I fit at least 15 of the indicators, including the contents of the post.

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