BREAKING> Communist Islamic Invasion of America: Russian military cargo plane lands in Veracruz Mexico

Monday, September 24, 2012
By Paul Martin

By Alexander Backman
SEP 24, 2012

It is very well the largest airplane in the world as the Soviet Air Charter company so claims, and it has landed in Mexico of all places. Last Saturday, September 22rd, under the cover of night, an Antonov Russian strategic transport airplane, landed at the international Navy Air Base airport of Veracruz. This news was confirmed by Mexican General Heriberto Jara Corona, who heads the Aeronautics division of the Federal Secretary of Communications and Transport.

According to ‘off the record’ information gathered by the local media, the airship supposedly transported two Russian helicopters for the National Oceanic Force from Russia to Mexico. The questions remains, where are the helicopters, why are there no pictures of them? Are there any helicopters at all? Is something else being transported? Is Russia working with the Mexican armed forces in preparation for a full-scale invasion of the United States by bringing in military cargo into Mexican ports.

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