No Central Bank Solutions: Liquidity vs Insolvency, Gold and Silver Renewed Vigor

Thursday, September 6, 2012
By Paul Martin

By: Jim Willie CB
Market Oracle
Sep 06, 2012

The Hippocratic Oath dictates never to do harm to the patient. The central bankers instead take the Hypocritical Oath that dictates to cripple the patient, to drain the blood, to preserve power by tightening the straps, to erode buying power from hard work, and to render life savings a weak shell, while whispering lies in the ears on blame for what went badly wrong, against the background din of endorsed war themes. The effectiveness of the latter oath is seen in the systemic failure of the USEconomy, whose financial and economic structure has been destroyed by bad economic policy, the poor paper financial foundation from the monetary system, corrupt bond market practices marred by $trillion frauds, and a marriage between the state and sanctioned large corporations whose only efficiency is seen in dark corners protected by criminal impunity. The Fascist Business Model showed itself in bold terms in the 1990 decade, in the strengthened links between state and major corporations, where inefficiency, favoritism, and corruption produce the bitter fruit of a sclerotic financial structure and weakened body economic. The Gold price responds to the systemic failure of the ruinous financial and economic policy, aggravated by the devoted ghoulish doctors and their perverse solutions that neither fix anything nor attempt to apply remedy.

The Jackson Hole conference was another gathering of losers, stuck in apologist mode to explain their vast ongoing enduring failure. It has become an empty echo to the Davos Forum. This year, after two years of the drastic treatment reliant upon bond monetization (Quantitative Easing), the display revealed more vividly than in the past the gaggle of losers gone fishing. The Bernanke speech said nothing of substance, nothing. He is out of ideas, out of tools, out of credibility, holding a ruined balance sheet which will not be restored. The latest Bernanke stupidism is the continued bond monetization until a certain threshold of economic growth (GDP) is reached. These loser bankers do not even attempt legitimate solutions, choosing instead their usual fare to work toward power preservation whose schemes are marred by yet more paper mache covering of toxic sores. The financial markets look to clues on QE when it never ended, and thus its participants appear truly clueless. They appeal beseechingly like emaciated hound dogs seeking small food scraps from the fat bankers who never miss a $200 lunch, the tab always paid by the starving serfs and vassals that peer through the windows. In past years the Jackass was eager to hear the buzz from the conference, looking for choice morsels to indicate future direction. This year, a walk around the block to look at blossoms from the vibrant flora has been brought more satisfaction. Even EuroCB chief witch doctor Draghi decided not to attend the conference, perhaps unwilling to be tarnished by a broad inept banker brush, or to find himself impaled by a fishing hook.

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