Saturday, September 1, 2012
By Paul Martin

By Greg Evensen
September 1, 2012

With massive troop movements across America, combat training by police agencies across the country, Russian and foreign troops in night time airborne maneuvers out west, arson fires set by rogue agents in six states, 1.7 billion rounds of ammo under order to government agencies, some of which have no law enforcement mission, (NASA, NOAA, Social Security Administration, USDA poultry inspectors, FDA Swat teams that raid whole milk farms) the list of rape charges against Lady Liberty is a mile long and the victim is America and her people. The vile perpetrator is the government and the now rogue federal agencies built up and thrust against us by Washington, The Dept. of Homeland (Tyranny) Security, TSA, the Pentagon, complicit state governors (who hold the key to ending this—by exerting constitutional sovereignty and taking their people out of this traitorous mix). Janet Napolitano, Eric Holder, David Axelrod, Harry Reid, John Behner, Chuck Shumer, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Barry Sotero Obama, the homosexual beauties in the Pentagon, MGM’s (Massive Government Morons) list of cast members, are all evil incarnate and reside at the heart of this nation’s horrible present and incomprehensibly bleak future.

Across the aisle are the complicit, dumb-downed, communist loving American citizenry who are like frat party boys at a drunken Friday night love-in awaiting their turn with the town’s skank queen girls. Draw up a foul picture for you? A bit offended are we? That is exactly what we have become. Those are the kinds of people this administration counts on to keep them in office. And this nation is loaded with them. That is why queers, druggies, black poll enforcers who hate whites, and Mexican illegals are winning “freedom and acceptance” rulings in courts, the so-called Justice Department, state welfare programs, are becoming street thug block captains in neighborhoods everywhere you look. This truly has become a living nightmare far worse than Hollywood has produced so far. There are three ways left to handle this national calamity. You can leave and never return, let the rulers do to you whatever they want, or stand and fight the contagion until it is absolutely eradicated. That means war and personal risk many will not consider.

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