VIDEO; Firefighters’ Analysis of the 9/11 Attacks Refutes the Official Report

Tuesday, August 28, 2012
By Paul Martin

by Erik Lawyer
Global Research
August 27, 2012

Erik Lawyer speaks at the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth press conference demanding a new investigation. Firefighters for 9-11 Truth strongly support AE911 Truth in securing a new investigation.


Look at the facts of the WTC, specifically Tower 7, collapses:

1) Terrorists used explosives on WTC 1 in 1993.
2) Over 118 first responders reported hearing explosions before all 3 collapses, many said it sounded like the “bang-bang-bang” you hear during a demolition.
3) We have video, photographic and audio evidence of explosions after the impact and before collapse.
4) Live news was reporting multiple explosions, and the possibility terrorists also planted explosives.
5) Barry Jennings, the Emergency Coordinator for the NY Housing Authority reported explosions in Tower 7. He also reported being knocked down by explosions prior to the collapse of the tower.
6) Molten steel AND concrete were found at Ground Zero “remember, hydrocarbon fires do not burn hot enough to melt steel or concrete.”N.F.P.A. 921- 19.2.4 Exotic Accelerants states that molten steel and concrete could indicate the use of exotic accelerants, specifically Thermite.
7) WTC 7 was the first concrete and steel high rise to collapse during a fire that had not been struck by an aircraft. It was determined not to be significantly damaged by the falling debris, and diesel fuel tanks DID NOT contribute significantly to the fire (according to NIST final report 2008).

So, with all these indicators, would you test for exotic accelerants/explosive residue/Thermite? How could you confirm or rule out the possibility terrorists planted explosives in addition to the aircraft hits?

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