Is the BIG ONE coming to the Midwest?

Monday, August 27, 2012
By Paul Martin
August 27, 2012

Now what? We’re starting to see an increase of deep earthquakes as indicated with the 7.3 by El Salvador this morning. Then followed up with a nice shaking in the San Diego area, giving a rattling start of the week on the east Pacific Rim. Apparently the El Salvador quake stirred up a very minor 3 1/2 in wave that hit the coast. When looking up deep earth quakes I’m reassured that, though strong in magnitude, they won’t impact the surface very much. That makes me really warm and fuzzy all over given that in 1922 deep earthquakes were “impossible” until someone discovered they actually happen. What if one of these things hits under a major fault? The TV mini series “10.5″ captured the notion of deep quakes in such a campy way that it created a, “ya, right” mentality.

Could it be the East Coast? There’s been interesting “new” activity there as seen in Washington DC last year. ( It was a hint and still he wouldn’t move out). But little is said of an interesting spearhead aimed at New Jersey.

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