Thursday, August 23, 2012
By Paul Martin
AUGUST 22, 2012

The global elite appear to have telegraphed their intentions for complete Western financial collapse at the Olympic Closing Ceremonies in London, as well as their plans for consolidation of power in the aftermath.
Out of Chaos, order. Create the problem, then offer the solution.
The global banking elite are quite literally occultic sociopaths.

Olympic Ceremonies traditionally showcase the host Nation’s history and culture, but also celebrates those behind the games: the occult elite. Since London is a power capital of the world with a rich occult history ranging from the Knight Templars to influential Masonic lodges, is it surprising to see this aspect of History being referred to in a symbolic matter?

While obviously not everything during Olympic ceremonies related to Illuminati symbolism, there were plenty of elements inserted throughout to get the message across. In the end, the Olympic games, like many other media events, turned into a worldwide mega ritual celebrating the goals and the symbolism of the world elite.

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