Do NOT Vote this Presidential Election! It is a game and you lose by sanctioning what they do if you vote. Revolt by NOT voting.

Thursday, August 23, 2012
By Paul Martin

I will NOT vote if Ron Paul is not on the ballot this Presidential Election!

Sherrie Questioning All

I wish people would understand, when you vote and put one person’s name down as “wanting him to win” then you are giving your okay and sanctioning what that person will do to you and the country.

You have to give your permission for all your rights to be taken away. You have to give your permission for the fraud and raping of the U.S. citizens.

People also have to understand there is NO difference between Romney and Obama! They are both controlled by the banks and big corporations! They will both do the bidding and as they are told by those entities! The whole left and right game is simply to keep the people divided. It is a game that is very well played out.

Look at the history and games of the government. Any bills/legislation that takes away our rights and freedoms and gives banks and corporations more power, those “left and right” government officials always come together to pass it.

We are always being played by the media and the government officials! We are the patsy of the game. They have us “hate” each other due to the political views of a person. But they don’t hate each other in Washington D.C., they are all playing their part on one team/play together and acting their part.


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