Moving Past the Chilling Effect Defeating the Tyrants Not Allowing The Detention of An Ex US Marine Silence Free Speech

Wednesday, August 22, 2012
By Paul Martin
August 22, 2012

This is the time not to be afraid what will happen to us if we speak out, we must also take into consideration of how much worse it can get if we give in to them. They will steam roll over us if we allow them to send a chilling effect. We can stop this from happening any further if we exercise our right to free speech. The US Government is desperate to clamp down on the people into submission. They know the people are waking up and the alternative media is filling the void of the old media. They are losing control over the people. This is why they are spying on our online activities, trying to control the internet in the name of cyber security because they are losing the public relations war. The public no longer believes or trust anything the government says anymore or does anymore.

The US government cannot come out and say it is against the law to speak out against the government. They cannot come out and say it is illegal to keep and bear arms. They will not come out and say openly that the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights is not the law of the land. The US government cannot come out overtly and attack our freedom. So what do they do to counter these people speaking out?. They try try discredit a US Marine and the Talk Show host commenter putting them under psychiatric care.

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