End Times: An Era of Multiple Crises

Tuesday, August 21, 2012
By Paul Martin

AUGUST 20, 2012

This is the era of multiple, prolonged, and deep crises. They touch on every facet of modern life: the political, economic, social, spiritual, scientific, cosmic, and personal.

The media construction of these modern crises merely touches the surface. Also, fake crises are invented by the oligarchical system that is ruling the planet to take the place of real crises in the public consciousness. This is done in order to distract the people from noticing the real structural crises and doing something to address their roots, which means overthrowing the oligarchical system.

Below, I’ve listed what I think are ten of the most profound crises, with brief descriptions of each of them.

1. A Crisis of Democracy and Western Liberalism.

The global shadow banking cabal is behind the creation of a global governance system, whose legitimacy is based not on the will of the people but on sheer government force and totalitarian brainwashing.

This fact is destroying the myths of democracy, self-government, and Western liberalism. The rise of a new style of Western fascism is now a reality, and at its heart is the non-Western belief that individual rights do not matter.

2. A Crisis of Communication Between Civilizations.
“Men do not long continue to think what they have forgotten how to say.” – C.S. Lewis, from his essay, “The Death of Words.”
The reduction of public discourse to simplistic and meaningless phrases, empty narratives, and repetitive talking points encourages public ignorance and empowers the forces of violence at the top and at the bottom.

On the international level, we have witnessed the abandonment of civil dialogue, honest exchange of views, and cross-cultural understanding since the false flag September 11 events. U.S., Israeli, and Iranian officials only trade threats and insults with each other, never words of praise. Consequently, a tragic rift has been created between the West and the East, and Israel, who is in the middle of this ancient divide, is leading the West directly into this rift and to the folly of war.

The resolution to this crisis can be achieved by walking on the path of dialogue and diplomacy. But the path of peace is presently being suppressed and ridiculed by the warmongering Western media as wide-eyed pacifism and isolationism.

For more about the crisis of Western public discourse, check out, “9/11 Truth, “Conspiracy Theories,” And The Crisis of Communication.”

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