Killer Superstorms Predicted: Ice Age, Famines Ahead

Monday, August 20, 2012
By Paul Martin

Terrance Aym
Sunday, August 19, 2012

Since the winter of 2010, superstorms have been on the rise. Some experts attribute the appearance of the gigantic storms to global warming, or climate change. Other researchers believe the incredibly huge and violent storms pummeling many of the countries across the world to the work of HAARP: the semi-secret research station first erected in the barren wilds of Alaska, and now spreading around the globe. Yet the origin of the rise of the killer superstorms can be traced back to the sun and its increasingly violent actions. The sun affects everything on Earth from the climate, to life, to geological processes…and the magnetosphere. Little doubt remains that the Earth’s magnetic field is on the move and the changing field concurrent with the electrical interaction of the turbulent sun is setting off violent year-round storms that some fear will only worsen causing thousands to die.

A legacy of violence and death

Monster storms hammer 43 American states; Russia reeling from worst winter ever, Great Britain encased in ice.

Biblical floods, deadly drought, hellacious heat, mind-numbing cold…records decimated, destruction rising on an Apocalyptic scale…

Warning: the superstorm era has just started. The sun is changing. As the sun’s violence increases so will the violence on Earth as the planet responds to the pulsing waves of exploding electromagnetic plasma. The Earth’s magnetic field continues to warp the solar magnetic flux will continue to increase and so will the fury of the killer storms.

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