‘Preparing for Mass Civil War’, Obama’s Homeland Security Department Buys 1.2+ BILLION Rounds of Ammo

Thursday, August 16, 2012
By Paul Martin

16 AUGUST 2012

22 bullets for each and every Republican…

The story of how Frat-Boy Napolitano’s Department of Homeland Security was preparing for civil unrest in the US was initially reported here back in May, when a person claiming to be a DHS insider let it be known that the highly-politicized agency was expecting political/economic street battles… and was getting ready to confront any protesters with overwhelming force.

Worse yet, its our own president (and his supporters) fanning-the-flames: ‘Occupy’ was the first -failed- rabble-rousing stunt (funded by Soros), but there’ll be more- GOP convention, etc.

What they are trying to do in the short-term is draw-in conservative/TEA Party elements to some sort of physical confrontation -as attempted by violent leftists at Paul Ryan’s speech in Iowa this week- then hopefully a conflict would spread nationally, at least to a level where the Obama regime could send in DHS riot police to crack clingers’ heads and
lock-up as many as possible (those expecting anything resembling balanced justice would be in for a hideous shock).

Yet as unsettling as Homeland Security’s purchase of 450M hollow-tip rounds three months ago was (already shipped), now as Dear Leader slides in the polls we hear that DHS has placed another, far larger order: 750M rounds of various types, up to and including mag cartridges that can penetrate walls
(DHS order Pdf here).

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