El Hierro Volcano : Green pre-alert – A new earthquake swarm has started below El Hierro – 40 earthquakes until 13:47 UTC

Thursday, August 16, 2012
By Paul Martin

By Armand Vervaeck
August 16, 2012

Update 16/08 – 16:25 UTC
– 3 more earthquakes from M0.9 to M1.1 at a depth of 11 to 12 km (12:25 to 13:47 UTC)
– Maybe IGN could take a few courses in press reporting at GNS Science New Zealand. If an important new swarm starts, like the one today (even with weak earthquakes), an experienced volcanologist may write 5 sentences in explaining what the opinion of the organization is. Why does a body like Pevolca is to be used for volcanology ? If i would live in Sabinosa, i would love to hear a few words if continuous quakes are occurring below my house.
Update 16/08 – 13:37 UTC
– 5 more earthquakes in between M0.6 and M1.2 and at depths in between 10 and 11 km

Image courtesy Avcan
Update 16/08 – 11:53 UTC
– We have to continue bringing updates on the seismicity below the island.
4 more earthquakes bringing the total on 32 today. Magnitudes from M1.0 until M1.5. Depths 10-11 km. IGN has updated his list up to 08:30 UTC
– At right a small map with the epicenters of a number of the latest earthquakes.

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