The Real Politics of True Christianity Vs. The Apostate 501c3 Church

Wednesday, August 15, 2012
By Paul Martin
August 14, 2012

Thank goodness I did not return to Church in its present state. By no means I have not departed from the teachings of Jesus. I have not rejected Christ nor do I blaspheme the Holy Spirit. When I watched Christian television stations TBN, CBN and these multimillion dollar preachers on TV trying to manipulate the Bible for people’s money. They use Luke 6:38 and Malachi 3:10 like a stock market formula using a get rich quick scheme using the bible saying blessings from above promising the windows of heaven will open like a slot machine raining down riches like they hit the jack pot if they send a donation to them.

Many of these Christian TV shows do not really engage in what is really going on in this nation. They are the 501c3 Churches that will not get into real issues that plague our nation today. Greg Pound an activist in Florida tried to get the Churches involved with the abuses of Child Protective services. These churches that are supposed to be filled with the Holy Spirit standing for righteousness would not get involved with it even though the Christians are the most persecuted by this government agency. Why, because the church is a 501c3 corporation who made a deal with the devil (the IRS) for a tax exempt status.

There was a time the Christian Church in this nation has dominate influence in our national character. Now the Church is full of nothingness that is not the salt of the earth anymore. The church is trampled under the feet of wordiness and compromise. They have lost there impact on society as a whole because they are in bed with government. Many pastors have sold out for thirty pieces of silver being a part of the Clergy response team telling people it is of the Lord to surrender our firearms and go into FEMA camps using a misapplied passage of Romans 13 to get their flocks to go along with tyranny.

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