The Eco-Tyrants: the Real Invasive Species, the True Useless Eaters. The Unseen Threat Exposed

Wednesday, August 8, 2012
By Paul Martin
August 8, 2012

We all know tyrants will accuse us of the very things they are. To many of them, we are an invasive species a threat to mother earth, using the propaganda website Wikipedia definition of what an Invasive Species is they fit the meaning to the letter. Here is a part of the first definition of the term Invasive Species:

The first definition, the most used, applies to introduced species (also called “non-indigenous” or “non-native”) that adversely affect the habitats and bio-regions they invade economically, environmentally, and/or ecologically.

The Eco Tyrants have a philosophy that is alien to our way of life. They are non indigenous because they are well funded by the tax free foundations for example, the Rockefeller and Ford foundations. They are “Non Native” they are outside groups that do not live in the area they want to alter. They come in and influence government at all levels from the city councils all the way up to Washington DC. They seek to impose their will and worldview on the rest of us.

The Eco Tyrants are the Invasive species that are the real threat to our way of life and survival. Their plans contradict our natural instincts and common sense. What they bring forth is plan that is alien and diabolical. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing trying to look non threatening, but are wicked to the core. They are a parasitic culture of evil. Where they conquer through fraud and deceit with empty promises. Nothing fruitful happens, the complete opposite is the result. When these imposters occupy a state, county or city. Destruction follows everywhere they take over. They are criminals cloaking themselves using saving the environment as a Trojan horse. They exploit the concerns of well meaning people for an agenda far more sinister and evil. It is hard for some people to grasp and comprehend the magnitude of wickedness of these Eco terrorist. For myself, I see what they are all about and cannot fool me.

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