False Flag IED attacks on Police to Demonize the Patriots, Veterans and Gun Owners?

Monday, August 6, 2012
By Paul Martin

August 5, 2012

If there is any time for the Police should think for themselves using common sense, it is now. Police Chiefs and Sheriffs should resist the carrot being dangled in front of them for Federal grant money. The Federal Government is not your friend or your ally.DO not take part in any Federal drills with any Government agencies or with the Military. It might be a set up for something bigger that puts all the police in danger.

The US Government poses more of a threat to Police Officers’ safety then a NRA member could ever be. The person with a Ron Paul sticker and the returning veteran is the least of their worries. They need to use common sense and stop believing in the Homeland security Propaganda. There is a reason they are demonizing everything American as apple pie. There form of government they want to impose is alien to our way of life. Patriots and Gun owners stand in their way of the tyrannical utopia.

Patriots have nothing to gain attacking police and government buildings, nor do they intend to do such a thing. Many patriots are well meaning good people who try to live honestly. Obama is desperate with dropping poll numbers who will try anything to get reelected. He is trying to gain from anything. Rahm Immanuel Obama’s former chief of staff said” Never let a good crisis go to waste”. The White House and the gun grabbers are trying to capitalize on tragic shootings for political gain. We the people will not allow them. We also will not let this crises go to waste exposing them for what they are. The real terrorist and lawbreakers will stage an event and blame it on their enemies, Why?, Because the patriots are winning the hearts and minds of many Americans and the people have no faith in the President or the US congress which both have low approval ratings. They face being swept form Office this November and are desperate to hold onto power. They have a lot to lose this Election day because the people are waking up. If they do not find an excuse to clamp down on the American people. Many people in high places in Washington and on Wall street face being arrested when the economy fully collapses.

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