The American Citizen Soldier

Saturday, August 4, 2012
By Paul Martin

Eric Lovely

In a time of Marxist confusion there should always be one whom speaks out for liberty. There should be at least one whom not only shines the light of truth but does so in spite of government lies. In spite of one office or man being anointed with the ability to use tax payer dollars to kill his fellow citizens without oversight , the rule of law or even telling his or her family.

Now we could start talking about Hollywood with its movies of military lies to warp ones mind to always follow the pentagons agenda for total world domination. You know where no matter the millions of women and children we slaughter. Neighborhoods and world wonders we turn into ash as we drone on about supporting your troops. Troops killing themselves in greater numbers then ever based on the horrors they only realize they have done after they come home and mentally crash from the drug cocktails their beloved government injects them with.

Then there are others would scream and shout about hunting as if this is what freedom is or our right to bear arms is based upon. This argument is even more ludicrous then the follow the pentagon off a cliff idea. To think for even one minute that the second amendment was penned for hunting rights in a time where if you didn’t hunt you probably wouldn’t eat just shows the level of mental ineptness of today’s Americans. It also shows beyond a shadow of doubt the length we have allowed our government schools to brainwash generation after generation of our population.

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