Indiana Confirmed H3N2v Cases Widespread

Saturday, August 4, 2012
By Paul Martin
August 4, 2012

Health officials have confirmed six additional cases of variant influenza A, bringing the total case number to 11 statewide. All cases have been linked to swine. The Indiana State Department of Health and local health departments continue to investigate potential new cases.
The additional cases were identified in Tipton, Jennings and LaPorte counties. Jackson County has also experienced four cases.

The above comments from an ISDH press release note confirmed cases in two new counties (Tipton and Jennings) and increase the number of cases in Jackson to four or five, confirming the expected explosion of cases in Jackson. These new cases once again confirm Indiana as the epicenter of the H3N2v outbreak, with a significant concentration in Jackson County, where symptomatic cases have been noted for six weeks.

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