We Are Now Just Weeks Away From A European Bombshell

Thursday, August 2, 2012
By Paul Martin

August 2, 2012

Today Michael Pento told King World News we are now just weeks away from a European ‘bombshell.’ Pento predicted, “In my estimation, the ECB is about three or four weeks away from giving a banking license to the EFSF and the ESM. This will lead to unlimited purchases of European debt, and an unlimited dilution to their currency.”

Pento also warned, “I am telling my clients, I am gearing them towards the inevitable inflation,” because “you will see the most salient moves in precious metals, base metals, energy and agricultural stocks and commodities.”

Pento also discussed what will happen in other key markets, but first, here is what Pento had to say about the Fed and ECB decisions: “My first impression was that the reports we had from the Wall Street Journal that the Fed was imminently going to interfere with the markets (with more QE), once again proved to be untrue. Bernanke is waiting for Jackson Hole. He’ll make some kind of announcement, like he did back in 2010, and then he will start to put his plan to destroy the currency in effect, probably in September.”

“Mario Draghi doesn’t understand the commitment he has pledged to undertake. If he is actually going to purport to the market that he will control the interest rates of the seventeen countries within the euro, my question for him would be, how long will you monetize European debt?

How much euro dilution will occur? The ECB will become the entire market for European debt….

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