Newly Emerged H3N8 Seal Flu Virus Touted as Next ‘Pandemic’

Wednesday, August 1, 2012
By Paul Martin

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Anthony Gucciardi
Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A number of reports within the mainstream news arena have begun surfacing surrounding the newly emerging H3N8 ’seal flu virus’, labeling it as the ‘next pandemic’ and hammering on the possibility for the virus to spread among humans.

It seems that the media ultimately likes to hype up all pandemic ‘threats’ whether it be the notoriously-mild swine flu ‘pandemic’ or the looming bird flu explosion. With the surfacing of so many touted pandemics and alarming viruses always comes a push for rushed vaccinations, later followed by haunting reports of severe side effects (and years later confirmed by medical journals.)

But what about the seal flu virus? Is it a real threat, or a phony pandemic scare? The strain was first examined in New England among harbor seals by scientific researchers, killing over 162 of the seals over a four-month period. After launching an investigation headed by virologist W. Ian Lipkin, MD, of Columbia University, it was found that the mutated virus had actually transmitted from sea birds to the seals themselves.

The virus had mutated in a number of ways after affecting the seals, such as being able to spread among mammals — or at least from seal to seal as of right now. The virus infected the seals lung tissue and airways, and eventually became even more virulent.

Will the Seal Flu Virus be Combined with Bird Flu H5N1 to Make a ‘Super Virus’?

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