Gun Control and Censoring Free Speech on the Intenet is the Third Rail of Politics

Wednesday, August 1, 2012
By Paul Martin
July 31, 2012

I do not care if a new Gun Control bill is a rider on a Cyber Security Legislation as a way to disarm the American people. If this bill passes and becomes law. A nice size of a majority of the people will not comply with the bill. If they try to censor the internet, there will be blow back because this cyber security bill can block websites that have nothing to do with politics or political speech. Congress in both political parties are circling the wagons trying to deflect the resistance that is coming.

Gun Control and Censoring the Internet in the name of cyber security will be the third rail of politics. The attitude of the American people is hands off free speech, hands of the Internet and definitely keep their stinking hands of my guns. I can see people are not going to comply anymore. They will not turn in or register their firearms. People realize the government is outside the law, not the people.

Because of government lawlessness. We could see a constitutionally minded majority in congress this January. All these neo cons can be swept out of office. Even if Obama is reelected. This group of people will keep Obama in check. They will not allow the White House free reign to grab anymore power. This same majority could also keep Romney in line and influence him also.

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