America, the Society of Deception, Hard Evidence of Mass Mind Control

Sunday, July 29, 2012
By Paul Martin

by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor
Friday, July 27th, 2012

[Editors Note: Warning….If any of you are suffering from depression or taking strong medication to control such, read this article on the buddy system, with someone in the room with you. The following material we expect to be found extremely unpleasant to just about every sane person.
But part of why we are doing this is the Iran attack WWIII moves are proceeding along quite smoothly with no real push back from what could be ‘described’ as a free people. So I will end with that hint…and Gordon will do the rest, as he does so well…Jim Dean]

I will be featuring several videos. I know that sitting through a video isn’t always considered worthwhile when more worthwhile pursuits are available.

Thus, I will try to catch your attention with a “shortie” and hope you can find time for the others.

What is at stake is your own ability to make rational judgements and simply making all of us more capable human beings.

Jim Dean likes to call this the Neo-Slavery, a la Roman times, when free men chose to be slaves to get out from under having to pay taxes.

And later, the expanding Muslim empire enticed many Christians into converting simply by exemption them from taxation. It worked fabulously then, as it probably would today, but in a different form of course.

Hence, put under the right circumstances, we have historically shown we are capable of choosing a path or beliefs that make absolutely no sense whatsoever. And this is one reason why elites have nothing but contempt for us.

So we have to face up to it…whose fault is that, theirs or ours?

Americans race from one series of NWO (I refuse to define what this means) hand fed conspiracy “bull” to another with mindless pap in the middle peddled as either mainstream news or commentary.

A blanket statement I will make is simple, if you see it, it is a lie. Video one:

The Rest…HERE

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