Jim Sinclair: Entire Western World May Announce Massive QE This Weekend!…see me see me.. I’m mister gold

Saturday, July 21, 2012
By Paul Martin


Jim Sinclair: Entire Western World May Announce Massive QE This Weekend!

The legendary Jim Sinclair has just released an an email alert to subscribers stating that QE3 will be an unexpected announcement over a weekend, and that it could come this weekend!
With today’s collapse in Spanish and Italian bonds and the Euro-zone again on the verge of contagion, Sinclair states not just the Federal Reserve, but ALL OF THE WESTERN WORLD COULD ANNOUNCE MASSIVE QE ON SUNDAY!

From Jim Sinclair:

When will QE become the public practice of all Western world central banks?

It will more than likely come over a weekend just like this weekend. Major sovereign bonds like the Spanish and Italian will be over 7% yield and rising. The Euro will be under pressure. Equity indices everywhere will be under pressure. Recent economic statistics in the entire Western world will be quite negative. The impact of the drought will have driven food prices through the roof.

This time all central banks of the Western world, not just the Federal Reserve will announce emergency measures on Sunday evening.

It is coming a lot faster than the gold bears think. It can be any weekend now. It could be this weekend.

The longer the central banks wait, the more nuclear and longer the QE blast will have to be maintained.

The price of gold is going to $3500 and higher.


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