Soetoro’s 2012 election contingency

Friday, July 20, 2012
By Paul Martin

By Douglas J. Hagmann
20 July 2012

It was a conversation with my source inside the DHS that I did not want to have, but was not totally unexpected. “I’m not sure how long I can continue to provide you with information.” he stated. I was unable to tell if he made his statement with relief or sadness, or perhaps a mixture of both. ”I could be wrong, but I don’t think there’s much time left, if I am interpreting certain information and actions correctly.”

Obviously intrigued, I asked what information and actions he was talking about, and whether he was in any trouble from the information he’s passed to me and I’ve published. “No, it’s not that. I wish that’s what it was, I could deal with that. It’s worse. Things might be… it might not matter in a few more months.” This was one of the only times I’ve ever sensed a level of defeat in his voice and demeanor.Who’s in the White House?

My source looked at me and posed a question I did not expect: Do you know who is in the White House?” I was uncertain if he meant who was present there now, or if he was talking in a more general sense knowing that he has followed my research on Barry Soetoro (a/k/a Barack Hussein Obama II), so I asked him for clarification. I thought it was a fair request. With that, he became visibly agitated and had a look in his eyes I’ve never seen before. “You can’t answer that [expletive deleted] question. Trust me, few can, and those who can won’t, because they’re either part of the ‘royal round table’ or they’re gutless [expletive deleted].”

Based on his agitated state, I was careful with what I said next. I told him that we’ve covered this matter very comprehensively, adding that Obama’s dog’s papers are more valid than Obama. I told him that he was correct in that we both know that we do not know Obama’s legal name or his actual parental lineage I began to verbally list the various inconsistencies with his identify, at which point he stopped me with a raise of his hand.

“Enough,” he stated and apologized for his previous outburst. “We both know the guy is a an imposter, a ‘Manchurian Candidate,’ and he’s there to do a job, implement a very specific agenda. And he’s not planning to leave until that job is done, the agenda completed,” stated my source. “It’s no accident, his lack of history, lack of bona fides. It’s all about his lack of allegiance to our country and the Constitution that ’43′ called just a ‘G-d damned piece of paper. And Bush was an American President, at least on paper. Where does Obama call home?” Where does his allegiance lie? That’s what the eligibility brouhaha is all about and why it’s so important, but hardly ‘anybody gets it.’ When he said he was a citizen of the world, those were not just words, but an admission of sorts. And fundamental change and transformation, that’s what it’s all about.”

What’s the agenda?

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