Misleading gun owners on the Arms Trade Treaty

Monday, July 16, 2012
By Paul Martin

By Douglas J. Hagmann
15 July 2012

Technically, the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty is not an overt “gun grab” treaty. Apparently, that statement alone is sufficient to cause many Americans to lose interest, misunderstand and downplay the threat posed by this treaty. Such characterization will be to the peril of every American, gun owner or not. They are failing to understand the playbook in use by the globalists which includes a well orchestrated disinformation campaign being waged by antagonists of the Second Amendment. To quote Ted R. Bromund, Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow at the Heritage Foundation who has been attending the ATT conference, “the U.N. is aware of the political dangers of appearing to stomp openly on the Second Amendment.” Perhaps most importantly, the U.N. and the globalists are adept at playing the “long game,” exploiting a weakness of most Americans in the realm of the globalist agenda. Simply because no one is expected to show up at your door today or tomorrow does not mean it won’t happen in the near future. My own research finds this to be a very real possibility, contrary to government and privately funded sources claiming otherwise.As I wrote a week ago under the title “Obama’s back-door gun control efforts,” it is fully expected that the United States, under Obama, will sign the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) later this month. Too few Americans are sounding the necessary alarm bells pertaining to this ultimate usurpation of our Second Amendment rights. Too many rely on internet sites or other sources that subtly twist the facts to suggest that the treaty could not and would never have any effect on our Second Amendment right to own and possess firearms and ammunition. The majority of both sides appears to emphasize or alternatively, find comfort in the fact that the treaty needs Senate ratification to be fully implemented, while completely dismissing the threat that merely signing the treaty poses.

It is critical to understand that by merely signing the treaty, as the U.S. is expected to do under by order of Barack Hussein Obama, the Vienna convention on treaties would disallow the United States from any act that would “defeat the object and purpose [of the Arms Trade Treaty].” This must be fully understood by every American concerned about gun ownership rights.

If ratified by the Senate, unthinkable in different times, the treaty assumes parity with a Constitutional amendment under Article 6, Section 2 of the United States Constitution. Understand this: the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty would possesses equal authority to any U.S. law, including the Constitution itself. The very thought of this should send shudders down the spine of every American with a pulse.

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