Computer Says “Buy Gold” – 13 July 2012

Saturday, July 14, 2012
By Paul Martin

Buy Gold says this indicator. It’s spied 5 out of 6 bull markets in gold early…

The BULL MARKET in gold is back, reckons Dr. Steve Sjuggerud, writing in his Daily Wealth email.

Now is the perfect moment to Buy Gold. Sentiment is still negative; indeed, a growing section of the investment world hates gold. And we have a hint of an uptrend.

This is exactly what we wait for.

In short, things are getting “less bad” in gold. Based on history, I believe we could see enormous gains over the next few months. And our True Wealth Systems computers tell us it’s time to Buy Gold.

As my True Wealth Systems subscribers know, we track gold two ways. Our first “Gold in Currencies” system tests gold versus four of the major world currencies. The idea is simple. We want to own gold in a bull market. But what is a gold bull market?

You might hear people say, “It’s not a bull market in gold… It’s simply a bear market in the Dollar.” You see, if the US Dollar is crashing against other currencies, it’s likely also going down in terms of gold. So it looks like gold is in a bull market. But what if gold is falling in terms of the Euro or Yen while it’s rising against the Dollar? That’s not a gold bull market.

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