Bye-Bye Syria: The Globalist Destruction of a Nation State

Tuesday, July 10, 2012
By Paul Martin

Patrick Henningsen
July 10, 2012

With all the rhetoric and talk of democratic reform in Syria, the Syrian opposition’s message is now clear: “No negotiations. We want power now”. Sounds more like a radical dictatorship in the making.

Yet, this is the very opposition being backed by the western powers led by Hillary Clinton and her ‘Friends of Syria’ steering group, an opposition that is currently killing, burning and and looting their way through to Damascus, with Syria looking more and more likely to eventually go the way of Libya.

The Syrian opposition, in the form of the Syrian National Council (SNC) were in Moscow today, lobbying to change Russia’s mind on Syria – lobbying for Russian support in removing the current Syrian regime. “No dialogue with Bashar al Assad and the ruling regime”, in effect demanding action before any talks of a new government can take place.

Critics describe this trip as pre-posturing, or going through the motions in order to creative a narrative for Washington to utilize later on. The narrative in this case is to make Washington’s SNC look legitimate and appear able to open diplomatic relations with major players in advance of their stealing power in Syria.

At the same time, Kofi Annan is in Tehran, essentially to convince the Islamic Republic to lend its influence in convincing Syria’s current government to step down – a stance Tehran is unlikely to take, but could be swayed in return for leverage with the UN in the wake of western economic sanctions and the threat of war.

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