Will Gun Confiscation begin with Debtors’ Courts?

Sunday, July 8, 2012
By Paul Martin

by Henry Shivley
July 8, 2012

As more and more jobs continue to leave the United States, there are fewer and fewer people paying taxes and making purchases within our economy as consumers, which means less business for small businesses and less taxes being paid by them, hence further layoffs and a continuance of the US economic spiral downward.

The corporate cabals, though they too are seeing reductions in revenues within the US, are being compensated via their operations in other countries. This is how the corporate elite conquer a country. This is the same technique used by the big international corporate farms to put the family farmers out of business.

They will move into an area wherein the farmers’ main cash crop is, say something like olives. They will then not only put every acre they have in the United States capable of growing an olive to that use, but also every acre they have around the world. The price of olives on the world market that the US farmer is forced to compete in plunges. Thus the crop fails to sustain the family farm.

The farmer goes into bankruptcy and the big corporate farm buys up that land at a fraction of its worth and then adjusts the global corporate production to make the land profitable again. And do not forget to add foreign slave labor to the equation when examining the cabal the US entrepreneur is up against.

This has been and is a deliberate effort by the global elite to destroy the US economy and capture our land. It has been successful to the point that the corporate elite, in taking over the court system in the United States, is now bringing back debtors’ prisons, which will facilitate the US national not only being fully dispossessed, but also being made a bonded corporate slave upon the land he or she owned but a few short years ago.

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