Deutsche Postbank AG ATMS not working in Germany? Banks in Europe shutting down due to glitches or are they Bank Holidays?

Saturday, July 7, 2012
By Paul Martin

Sherrie Questioning All

I got word from a financial expert that the Deutsche Post Bank ATMs in Germany are not working this weekend.

I have not been able to confirm this from another source as of yet.

Considering that RBS is saying their glitches won’t be fixed until July 31st and now Russia’s largest bank Sberbank is stopping all credit and debit card transactions. Then there is BNI who are saying they will not reopen until July 31st. Something big is happening with the banks shutting down.

Is there anyone in Germany who can confirm that the Deutsche Post banks ATMs are not working?

If there are bank holidays happening in Europe, don’t think it won’t spread to the U.S. banks. They are all in it together and the glitches no doubt will become contagious in the U.S. too.

It may be a good idea to have some cash on hand out of your bank, in case “glitches” spread to the U.S.

I just got another email, I am inserting a part of it without the name. But I will tell you, this is from a financial expert that has contacts around the world. There is a little more about what is happening.

To all; this past week was a huge inflection point for the global banking system. As you know, Barclays is going through the ringer over manipulating the LIBOR rate (London Inter Bank Offer Rate) and have implicated the Bank of England in the process. Now it seems that both JP Morgan and Citibank are being investigated also. One must now wonder how long it will be before someone being “squeezed” will point a finger at the New York Fed or The Fed itself. It is more than obvious that this runs all the way to the Fed as EVERYTHING else is manipulated, why would (possibly) THE most important interest rate on the planet be left to market forces and NOT be manipulated? Very easy question with the simplest of answers. This news on it’s own is bad enough but not the biggest news.

The “inflection point” that I mentioned above was not the spread of the LIBOR investigations. No, this inflection point is the spread of “glitches”. Back in early June, BNI, a bank in Italy “closed”, supposedly until July 3rd. It has not reopened and now is saying that July 31 they will reopen. Let’s call that “glitch #1”. Then, a couple of weeks back, RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland)- NatWest and Ulster Bank were hit by a “computer glitch” that still today affects a supposed 100,000 clients (maybe they forgot a zero or two?) and all of Ulster’s clients are affected. “2nd glitch”. So, “cash” is tight in Scotland and Northern Ireland because of a “glitch”. Then, yesterday, Sperbank, the largest bank in Russia (more than double its next competitors size) got “glitched” and are not processing any debit or credit card transactions. (3 glitchy stikes?) This morning I woke up to hear that Deutsche Postank AG has all of its ATM’s down (which was how BNI started). This “glitch” really perked my ears as now there are too many, “glitches” to be a coincidence.

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