A Federal Invasion Coming into a Town Near You like Never Before?(Please Show Proof of Health Insurance or Go to Jail)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012
By Paul Martin

July 3, 2012

Now that we hear multiple State Governors say they will not enforce the Affordable Healthcare act. The state can say they will ban UN Agenda 21 from being implemented in their states like Tennessee. State legislators need to do more than pass laws and resolutions. They need to start putting teeth into these laws restraining Washington DC. They need to restrain local governments making a deal with an NGO and Federal agencies that violate State laws. Many cities and counties in the States that do say no to Obamacare will do the Federal bidding regardless what the governor or the state legislature does allowing the IRS agents to come in and collect unjust taxes anyway. These local governments will be bribed by the Federal government to allow the IRS to come in and shake the people down.

We can see DHS and the IRS is now offering to shower the City Councils, Police Chiefs, County Commissioners and Sheriffs with goodies from Washington DC if they help the Federal government collect taxes for Obamacare. They will do this in a state where the Governors and the State Attorney Generals will forbid the laws from being enforced in the states. The Federal government will use these methods to bypass the State governments bribing local governments to carry out this draconian law allowing the IRS to oppress the people inside their jurisdiction.

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