*Watch* Protest still going strong as riot police go on offensive at restarted Japan nuke plant — May have forced Ooi workers to arrive via ocean and officers to climb up mountain after road blocked (PHOTOS & VIDEOS)…(Banzai!!)

Sunday, July 1, 2012
By Paul Martin

By ENENews
July 1st, 2012

(UPDATED) Ooi Nuke Plant Restart Protest at the Gate Still Going Strong, But More Police Reinforcement May Be on the Way
June 30, 2012


(UPDATE) Journalist Ryusaku Tanaka just tweeted that the employees at the nuclear plant, since the only road to the plant is blocked by the protesters and the police, arrived to work from the ocean, using a ferry boat. Tanaka says he heard it from a taxi driver who drove them to the ferry.

Further, someone else tweeted that the riot police who suddenly showed up had climbed the mountain to get there, because the only road to the plant is still blocked.

Both pieces of information are unconfirmed.


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