Saturday, June 30, 2012
By Paul Martin

By Dr. Laurie Roth
June 29, 2012

Well, well well…they sold us out. The Supreme Court revealed themselves to be a ‘Marxist’ ‘bought and paid for’ sham. Much like the famed ‘Nobel Peace Prize’ turned into a joke so has, now, The US Supreme Court. Most of us were reeling in shock as they awarded the ‘Peace prize’ to Islamic radical, Jew hater and criminal Yasser Arafat. Then, it blew our minds by giving the Peace Prize to Obama for doing absolutely nothing.

We all speculated for months wondering what the Supreme Court would do with the dreaded ObamaCare. We were all leaning on the small hope that they would vote down the mandate–at least. Surely, they knew that forcing Americans to buy a product or service was unconstitutional and could not stan But, no.

Instead, the bottom line of the rulings involve SCOTUS saying that this is only a tax…not forcing or mandating anything…just a tax. Naturally, that is what Obama said it was not, but that was one of his many lies. Gutsy commentator Sher Zieve had this to say:

“…In order to do away with the true argument that the Congressional ruling establishing ObamaCare would be charged as a free for being born and living in the USA, Roberts changed ObamaCare to a tax – which Obama had argued previously and intensely stated was NOT a tax – in order to mollify and please his true leader.”

If you haven’t gotten it by now, you must be dead (if so, perhaps you could vote in November). Obama lies every time he opens his mouth for one purpose only — to fulfill his Marxist/Redistribution of Wealth agenda against the American People.

Obama and his bought and paid for bed buddies are being revealed all over the place…the Supreme Court is now apparently snuggling under the covers.

The ruling by the Supreme Court is shameful and damaging to the American people and will embolden the absolute control of Obama madness. If we allow such betrayal and assaults to stand it won’t be long until Obama comes after our guns, forces us into volunteer work brigades, demands registration, then explodes his frontal assault to our 1st amendment rights and Internet web sites. We have watched the recent attack by ‘Go Daddy’ against Doug Hagmann www.homelandsecurityus.com. Apparently, the Obama ‘truth squads’ were not happy with Doug telling the truth and exercising his rights. More will come if we all do not stand.

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