The Arizona Immigration Law is a Trojan Horse for a Bigger Police State.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012
By Paul Martin
June 26, 2012

I am just as passionate about the immigration crisis here. I know how much it is a national security threat more than Iran or Syria is. We should be dispatching troops here on the border instead to everywhere around the world and just enforce the laws on the books concerning dealing with illegal immigration, cracking down on how these illegal aliens fraudulently use social security numbers to gain employment and dealing harshly with employers who hire them. We do not need E-verify, we just need to enforce the laws on the book period.

This Arizona immigration law is just a Trojan horse for a police state. If you want to see how the Arizona law will be enforced, just look at the TSA at how they treat people at the airports. We can see law enforcement in Arizona puling over families who are citizens and making them show their papers and harassing them. Why, because these law enforcement agencies do not want lawsuits being accused of racial profiling since many of the illegal aliens are Hispanic. Look at the TSA who will shake down old ladies in a wheelchair, they do not want to be accused of racial profiling either. All this to be politically correct.

This illegal immigration is by design using the Hegelian dialectic of problem reaction, solution where the government caused the problem by not enforcing the law. This has created crime; also putting a strain on the nation’s infrastructure and the social programs. It has become a real problem, especially in the border states like Texas where I reside. What is the government’s solution? It is not just enforcing the law. Back in the 1950s, Operation Wetback was a crackdown on illegal aliens. That was carried out by President Eisenhower using existing law. Today the government wants us to accept a solution making us surrender our liberties for a little security with the Real ID act, E-verify and recently the Arizona immigration law which the supreme court struck down certain parts as unconstitutional.

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