Why We’re Forced To Choose Between A Bad President, And An Even Worse President…(Business As Usual!)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012
By Paul Martin

Eric Zuesse
Jun. 20, 2012

I recently wrote about “Mitt Romney’s Three Big Lies,” and didn’t even mention Obama’s name, because Mitt Romney’s biggest lies concern himself and the Republican Party, and not actually his opponent, Barack Obama. Romney, I reported there, is lying about himself and the Republican Party, and so there was no need to mention Obama in that news article.

However, elsewhere, I have explained at length why the failure of the Democratic Party to run someone against the incumbent President Obama in Democratic primaries would constitute a historic failure for American democracy; and, now, this has actually come to pass, since no one came forward on the progressive side to challenge Obama for the Democratic nomination, and so our nation will now be compelled to choose between a bad President, and someone who would probably make an even worse President.

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