V’s Response To Greek Election Facade-Just Watch And See–The Euro Is Cest Fini

Monday, June 18, 2012
By Paul Martin

June 18, 2012

Steve also please tell them to reread my posts. I have said that there is the unofficial collapse, this is from real inside sources. The official collapse is still going to be in the fall winter season of 2012. The Euro has a no confidence vote from all the big money players. They are all cashed out. In a 21st century Fiat system the big players will always cash out and hedge bets for the continuing slide in assets and equities that we are currently seeing sans the ridiculous “magical” DOW that stays above 12K thanks to the PPT and insiders.

Steve the irrational will jump the gun and give you flack when they read what they want to read and not fully read what has been clearly laid out. Tell them to get the financial houses in order and watch the events unfold. They have to understand that they have been treated to very intimate high level information from the top international banking sources. I vow on all that is true that the Euro is done, it has unofficially collapsed in the eyes of the elites. The foregoing theatrics are for the masses to indulge. When you have all the major banks lose their credit ratings, when you have capital controls in place, when you have unemployment rates over 50%, when you have bank runs, bank holidays, continued anarchy, my friend you have a collapse.

Even though the Syriza party lost, Steve your listeners should understand that it simply means more time time for the mid level guys to put the finishing touches on the Greece carcass. Look for vote fraud in the coming days. The people in Greece see a Euro exit as the only option for which their country will survive. We are on schedule with everything that I have said and posted. The Euro is a collapsed currency with no value to it amongst the elites. Once the mid level players are done you will see the “OFFICIAL COLLAPSE” take place within four to six months. This is done.

Steve here is the REALITY for any doubters:

All the top firms including the ones that I have worked for have all advised our top clientele to pull out their liquid assets.

All the top firms and banks have already prepped and ready for Euto collapse two years ago.

Elites have pulled out of the Euro

The Fed has implemented safe guards to euro exposure. In other words no further help for Eurozone

Bank runs not just by people…but by multinational corporations pulling out billions per day.

PNB Paribas and Deutsche Bank in shareholder meetings have declared Greece a failed state and Euro dead

The Swiss have drawn up a plan for Euro collapse two years ago all capital controls in place now were planned then.

All major Euro banks credit downgrades including Dutch, UK next

Like I said so many times, Greece is a symptom, it will spread, Spain will run hot with fever and burn a feverish death, This contagion is not just Greece. The spin masters are trying to get everyone focused on a silly election that means nothing when the real hard numbers tell the truth. This is not about one small nation in the south of Europe. This is about the whole entire Eurozone. I am giving your readers information that is six months ahead of the curb. Look for a market spike this week then followed by a shock and then a hit to the SLV and GLD ETF… Everything is moving on schedule nothing has changed. Prepare, Prepare, Prepare.

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