Max Keiser – “Hotspot Greece” – Greek government turned over ALL Assets of Greece to IMF and bound the people as Slaves for the loans/debt. Obama’s secret treaty taking away U.S. Sovereignty. We are all being sold as Slaves

Friday, June 15, 2012
By Paul Martin

Sherrie Questioning All
FRIDAY, JUNE 15, 2012

Max Keiser went to Greece last year. I believe this is very important to get out to more people. Jim Sinclair has this up on his site to help people understand all that is happening. Max reveals the absolute truth about Greece and their IMF loans. Greece handed over every single asset of the country, including bounding the people of Greece to be slaves to the banks and IMF.

This weekend the Greek elections are happening. But what is even more important that is happening also is the Egyptian election. We already know that both will be most probably fraud. The Egyptian court yesterday dissolved the parliament, which the Muslim Brotherhood had 1/3 of. They have given control back to the military. They are going to make sure the Mubarak man will win and that way everything will continue as it was before.

In the U.S., Obama is also working on the same type deals. Obama has been negotiating a secret treaty that would take away the U.S. Sovereignty. He has been doing it on his own and even those in Congress who are normally part of any treaty being negotiated, did not know about it.

People need to seriously understand, every single man, woman and child are being sold as Slaves to the bankers. Understand that they are organizing it to where every one of us will be slaving away to pay the banks. Slavery supposedly ended a long time ago, but that was overt slavery. What they have done is converted it to hidden slavery, but slavery just the same.

I sincerely hope the people of Egypt and Greece Rise UP and say NO over and over again to the slavery they have been forced into by fraud of the banks. Goldman Sachs created the Fraud in Greece and it seems their ultimate goal was to make the Greek people indentured slaves of the IMF and banks.

They are doing the same in all the other countries in Europe and they are doing it here in the U.S..

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