The Battle for Syria How World War III Will Begin

Tuesday, June 12, 2012
By Paul Martin

Tim Alexander
June 12, 2012

As the alliance of NATO, Israel and the conservative Gulf Cooperative Council monarchies continue with their relentless drive to destroy the generally popular (with the Syrian people) government of Syria and using the coming all-out battle in Syria as a backdoor to a regional war with Iran and Lebanon, Gaza and Palestine, other Major Powers have grown increasingly concerned. Russia, China and members of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) and members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) have made clear their opposition to any further globalist/NATO/Zionist aggression in the North Africa-Middle East-Southwest Asia arena. In fact both Russia and China have emphasized that their Vital National Interests are involved in Syria and Iran and have warned of the dangers of nuclear war and of a Third World War beginning if the ‘West’ continues with its aggressive operations. Nuclear armed Pakistan is drifting towards a war state with the United States as it continues to refuse to allow NATO resupply to the Afghan War through Pakistan territory and increasingly objects to the use of armed American drone aircraft against targets in Pakistan.

The horrific False Flag massacres that the NATO, Israeli and GCC trained/equipped/led foreign mercenaries have committed in Syria, against unarmed civilians including large numbers of women and children, are designed to fool segments of the western population into supporting yet another war. They do not, however, fool the leaders of the various axis powers that are coalescing around the SCO and CSTO in opposition to further military aggression against Syria and Iran. These nations are carefully watching the deployment of commando assets in and near Syria and Iran, the buildup of naval, air and land forces in the Middle East, and the developing False Narrative that the globalist/Zionist mainstream news media are putting out concerning the “necessity” of “doing something to save the Syrian civilians from the Assad government”.

The issue of armed intervention was a key matter at the SCO Summit June 6th and 7th in Beijing. Massive military intervention by Russia and China is being planned for if the NATO/Israeli/GCC alliance crosses the line with a military intervention against the Syrian, Iranian, and Lebanese nations. This military intervention has a most profound danger of not only involving weapons-of-mass-destruction but of beginning the Third World War!

Russia is actively preparing a significant number of its best ground forces for a rapid intervention in Syria. These forces include the 15th Division, the 76th Airborne Division, and Black Sea Spetznaz forces (link). Additionally, the Russian Air Force in the South Military District has been rearmed with the latest fighter aircraft and helicopters for combat with American/Israeli/NATO air forces. Russian Army forces in Armenia have been strengthened and additional attack and assault helicopters added and the families of its officers have been evacuated back to Russia (link). According to Russian reports, the Russians expect to drive through Georgia into friendly Armenia to link up with Iranian forces northwest of Tehran.

The Russians will seek to establish their dominance in the Caucasus and Caspian states and to finally secure military facilities on the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman. They are apt to be supported by a large number of Chinese ground troops and fighter aircraft deploying through allied Pakistan into Iran.

The Russian and Chinese armed forces will come prepared for full NBC (nuclear, biological and chemical) warfare; tactical nuclear weapons are apt to be available to senior commanders but requiring Moscow’s and Beijing’s authorization prior to use. Axis forces almost certainly will be supported by the deadly S-300 Air Defense System and the Russian forces may also use the even more advanced S-400 Air Defense System. Top of the line Sukhoi fighter aircraft and AWACS type aircraft will be deployed. Naval engagements may take place in the Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea between the Russian Navy and NATO navies, with additional naval clashes in the Caspian Sea.

Israeli and NATO forces may seek to do an ‘end run’ around any Russian/Chinese/CSO-CSTO counter-intervention by a quick coup de main utilizing rapid commando attacks on key Syrian and Iranian leadership targets and missile/air attacks on guided missile launch sites in Syria, Iran, Lebanon, and Gaza-Palestine. This will not prevent Russian and Chinese forces from entering the war but may trigger a massive Iranian and Syrian use of Advanced Biological weapons against the NATO homelands in Europe and North America and against Israel and certain GCC states (link).

The World at large has entered the most dangerous time in Human History as events continue to unfold in the Middle East and enter their climax phase.
Tim Earl of Stirling

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