“I seriously do not see this guy ever planning to give up the Oval Office through an election loss in November.”

Saturday, June 9, 2012
By Paul Martin

Barack Hussein Obama- America’s Greatest Conflict of Interest

By Randy Taylor
9 June 2012

Let’s get past how this clown puppet made it into office as I’m sure we have credibly established how this outrageous lapse in voting America’s judgment occurred. However, with the elections supposedly coming up we should review his piss poor performance, focus on his lack of honesty, total lack of integrity and the fact that he is devoid of any hint of moral values which he proves daily while intentionally dismantling the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution under the blanket of Executive Orders and backroom deals with the enemies of this great nation.

Obama, the Kenyan fraud that slithered into the Oval Office by conning the people to eat the forbidden fruit of a revolutionary fictional Utopian fix for the troubles the country suffered under the Bush administration, has done absolutely nothing to fix the problems of the United States. He claims to pray for the country when in fact he only preys on this country and the people within this country.

The Obama legend

His very existence is a lie, a falsehood, a fraud. The only reason he was successful in the election was largely due to three things. He had the financial contributors needed, he was running against a party that had no credibility with a large portion of the voting Americans; and his well funded cronies, utilized the new age of social media in a way that neither Palin or McCain’s lackluster campaign managers even attempted.

The latter, through the internet, gave him unprecedented access to the anti-establishment youth, the college students (many who are unfortunately mentally corrupted by liberal professors and teachers who against anything constructive and unfortunately socialist or radical in their university teachings), the poor who were primarily black and living in the ghettos, the disenchanted ones, the war haters, the ones who were simply motivated at the prospect of a black man in the Oval Office. He promised change, something different, seeking permission to govern America based on campaign lies, misdirection and misalignment with people he claimed to have something in common with. Years later, many Obama voters have realized that they had been taken, hoodwinked, made fools of and cheated by this non-citizen posing as an American citizen.

His infantile idea of health care, Obamacare is a detriment to America. We are heavily taxed already yet he wants to impose a mandatory insurance premium on US citizens under threat of criminal penalty for failure to pay. Over 20 percent of Americans are unemployed yet they seek to drain the people further. Another ploy to exercise power and collect money from Americans while doing it.

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