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Thursday, June 7, 2012
By Paul Martin

My Discussion With Him This Morning
June 7, 2012

SQ: What are you hearing on the cartel’s breaking point on silver manipulation and when do you think it ends.

V’s answer: As the Euro collapses whether this summer or fall, I think there will be a complete stop to silver and gold manipulation for the following reasons: 2 weeks is all that is needed for the Euro collapse to lay bare the dollar deception. At this point all (interest rate swaps) will cease, derivative swaps will implode and the truth of US dollar safe harbor will go up in flames.

When this occurs the ETF (paper markets) will reflect whatever the trading price is at point of market collapse. This price point level will be held as it would take a further 2 more weeks to liquidate all silver and gold in repository vaults. In other words, the insiders will receive their deliveries, Joe Investor (paper trader) will be told his physical SLV GLD are all lost.

Once chaos ensues and all ETF markets are shut you will see a price hyper shot of all physical silver and gold. See how this whole entire (market manipulation scheme) hinges on the Eurozone and how deeply important a Euro collapse is for the world in general. Western fractional reserve banking is finished. Look for manipulation end in 6 months.

SQ: What are you hearing on the Amero and what about the gold-backed Chinese Yuan?

V’s answer: The Amero is dead in the water and China will back their Yuan with gold.

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