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Wednesday, June 6, 2012
By Paul Martin

By Anthony Hall
Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

The Maple Spring has blossomed in Quebec and is starting to proliferate throughout Canada and beyond. Chris Hedges recently described this outburst of anti-authoritarian energy in the French-speaking heartland of les canadiens as “the most important resistance movement in the industrialized world.”

Building on the momentum launched by the originators of the Arab Spring, the political mobilization of the Indignados in Europe, and the ubiquitous networking of Occupy Wall Street, the dawning of the Maple Spring brings new energy to our growing global movement of public education. The concerted resistance of Quebec students to a near doubling of their tuition fees put fundamental issues of pedagogy in the forefront. The student strike thereby provided the basis for an attentive focus on the importance of education, including public education, in our collective march towards positive regime change.

The necessity of achieving ameliorative regime change both within states and across borders is highlighted as one crisis after the next goes from bad to worse. The evidence is overwhelming that our manufactured civilization and the natural world that supports it are in sharp decline across many converging fronts of catastrophe. We the people have no choice but to continue to initiate emergency measures of our own because it has come absolutely clear that those presently steering the ship of state are following the lead of Titanic’s captain.

The merger of so many torrents of ecological, economic, political, and social degradation is largely attributable to the actions of the dominant transnational cartel of kleptocratic psychopaths that presently exercise large concentrations of ill-gotten power over us. The Lords of Larceny prefer to make war, not love. The Axis of Extortion links the Pentagon with Wall Street and London’s financial district. The goal of those in charge of this, the most elaborate extortion racket ever, is to privatize all the remaining public wealth for themselves and their heirs and to socialize all liability flowing from their mistakes, speculative excesses, outright frauds, astronomical thefts, and gargantuan misdeeds.

It is hard to fathom the scale of the betrayal perpetrated by the tiny minority who continue to benefit most from the world’s first truly global coup d’etat on 9/11. From the poisoning of our minds, to the contamination of earth, air and water, to the despoliation of the poor and the middle class, to the assault on the political economy of public health care, public education, public broadcasting and social security, the scale of the pillage is unprecedented.

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