6.6 and 6.2 magnitude earthquakes strikes seafloor just southwest of Panama

Monday, June 4, 2012
By Paul Martin

June 4, 2012

PANAMA – A shallow 6.6 magnitude earthquake struck the sea-floor just SW of Panama. The earthquake was preceded by a 6.2 magnitude earthquake in the same region. The strong magnitude earthquakes erupted along the jagged corner of the Nazca plate which is subducting under the South American plate. The epicenter of the quakes was 230 miles (370 km) south of David, Panama, at a depth of 6.0 miles (10.5 km). There was no tsunami threat, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said. The quake was reported to have occurred at 6:45 local time (0045 GMT). Yesterday, the same region was rattled by a 4.7 earthquake at a depth of about 10.5 km. A low level tsunami alert was issued for the region but was later canceled. –The Extinction Protocol

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