Thursday, May 31, 2012
By Paul Martin


Primary Recovery Coordination Agencies: Okeechobee County Board of County Commissioners,
Okeechobee County Administration, Okeechobee
County Office of Emergency Management, Okeechobee
County Sheriff’s Office

Support Agencies: All Okeechobee County Agencies and Departments, Palm Beach County
American Red Cross Okeechobee Branch, Okeechobee County Chamber of
Commerce, City of Okeechobee, Private Utility Agencies, Private Insurance

NIMS: All functions under the Okeechobee County Recovery and Mitigation Annex will follow the County

NIMS / EOC Integrated Management System.

I. General

The following goals, objectives, and policies contained in this plan will guide redevelopment and
recovery activities within the unincorporated areas of Okeechobee County following the Zombie
Apocalypse. They have been written to comply with Section 163.3177 (9) and (10), Florida
Statutes; and Rule 9J-5.012, Florida Administrative Code. This plan will be reviewed and updated
every five years. All corrections and amendments can be found on the “Change Pages” at the
end of this document.

The goals, objectives, and policies make up the Okeechobee County Zombie Apocalypse Annex.
These topics include:

 Mass Evacuation
 Shelter in place
 Security / public use of weapons policy
 Suspension of local laws, rules, regulations, taxes, fees
 Continuity of Government
 Long term individual / small group sustainability
 Logistic support
 Community redevelopment


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