A Glimpse of the Future?

Thursday, May 31, 2012
By Paul Martin

by L. A. Marzulli
May 31, 2012

I believe that we are headed toward an orchestrated climax, that has been set in motion thousands of years ago by dark Luciferian forces. Here’s why.

We are now linked together as never before as the world is wired together. We see and hear news at the speed of live thus, we are bombarded as never before, with a complex barrage of information. With that in mind we are able to track what Jesus warns us will be the birth pains in ways that were not able to do it let’s say a hundred years ago. Who could have imagined telecommunications network that would bounce news off of satellites orbiting our planet; so that what happens in Japan is seen live half a world away in real-time? With that in mind here are some thoughts:

1. The Middle East is the game changer and it is primed to erupt. More than likely this will happen in July or September of this year. When it does it may escalate rapidly into WWIII. Look for soaring oil prices and a sharp rise in commodities when it does.

2. The war in the Middle East may prompt either a real terrorist event in the USA or a false flag event that might lead to martial law. We may see our freeway and Intestate highways close down as well as the issuing of some kind of national I.D. card if this happens. Anarchy and lawlessness will erupt in the cities and food and water will be scarce, as the trucks hauling our food and water as well as our infrastructure that we take for granted, will be compromised.

3. Fukishima is perhaps the ultimate game changer as there enough Cesium to create a nuclear holocaust if it leaks into the Pacific Ocean. The US has already reported a spike in radioactivity in the Tuna that is caught off California. There are rumors that the Japanese government has plans to evacuate the entire nation of Japan.

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