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Guest Post: Keynesianism & Eugenics..(Must Read!!)

Friday, May 25th, 2012

by John Aziz of Azizonomics 05/25/2012 The theory of output as a whole, which is what The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money purports to provide, is much more easily adapted to the conditions of a totalitarian state. John Maynard Keynes In looking at and assessing the economic paradigm of John Maynard... »

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Plans for emergency immigration controls if euro collapses…(When..There, I Fixed It!)

Friday, May 25th, 2012

Theresa May: we’ll stop migrants if euro collapses The Government is drawing up plans for emergency immigration controls to curb an influx of Greeks and other European Union residents if the euro collapses, the Home Secretary discloses today. By Robert Winnett, and James Kirkup TelegraphUK 25 May 2012 In an interview in The Daily... »

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Marc Faber Sees 100% Probability Of Global Recession In 2013

Friday, May 25th, 2012

by Tyler Durden 05/25/2012 From around two minutes into this CNBC clip, Marc Faber brings the conversation back into sharp focus. Noting that “whenever everybody focuses on just one thing – Greece and Europe in this case – there are other things that are far more important – such as a meaningful slowdown... »

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James Turk: Escalating Bank Runs, Many Banks Will Not Survive

Friday, May 25th, 2012 May 25, 2012 With mounting fears regarding escalating bank runs around the world, today King World News interviewed James Turk out of Europe. Turk told KWN, “I think people should be worried because many banks around the world are largely insolvent.” Here is what Turk had to say about the accelerating crisis: “The... »

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U.S. Army General: The Whole Northern Hemisphere is at Risk of Becoming Largely Uninhabitable

Friday, May 25th, 2012

Mac Slavo May 25th, 2012 You may have entertained the idea of an improbable civilization ending events such as a ‘global killer’ asteroid, earth crust displacement or massive solar storms, but what if there existed a situation right now that was so serious that it literally threatened our very existence? According to a... »

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The Surveillance State: Trust Us, It’s Legal

Friday, May 25th, 2012

John Glaser May 24, 2012 Julian Sanchez at the Cato Institute on the renewal of the FISA Amendment Act and the lawless surveillance state: It’s been almost four years since the FISA Amendments Act of 2008 put President Bush’s warrantless wiretap program on legal footing by authorizing broad, programmatic surveillance of Americans’ international... »

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US-Pakistan Tensions Rise as Drone Strikes Pound Tribal Areas

Friday, May 25th, 2012

US Kills 10 in Latest North Waziristan Attack by Jason Ditz May 24, 2012 Last weekend’s attempts to open the Pakistan-Afghanistan border failed, and US-Pakistan relations are taking another turn for the worse as the US has launched a flurry of new drone strikes against the North Waziristan tribal area. Fresh off of... »

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IAEA Says Has Found Highly Enriched Uranium In Iran…(War In 3…2…1…)

Friday, May 25th, 2012

by Tyler Durden 05/25/2012 Yesterday, when looking at recent naval developments in the Arabian Sea, we suggested that things involving Iran had gotten quiet. Too quiet. It appears that it may indeed have been the lull before the storm. Just out from Bloomberg and Reuters: IAEA SAYS URANIUM PARTICLES ENRICHED UP TO 27%... »

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Israel revives military option after Obama rejects its nuclear demands of Iran

Friday, May 25th, 2012

DEBKAfile May 24, 2012 Israel has withdrawn its pledge to US President Barack Obama not to strike Iran’s nuclear sites before the November presidential election after he rejected its minimal demands for nuclear negotiations with Iran. This is reported exclusively by DEBKAfile’s Washington sources. In public, Israeli ministers still talk as though they believe... »

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Students will be tracked via chips in IDs

Friday, May 25th, 2012

By Francisco Vara-Orta Thursday, May 24, 2012 Northside Independent School District plans to track students next year on two of its campuses using technology implanted in their student identification cards in a trial that could eventually include all 112 of its schools and all of its nearly 100,000 students. District officials said the... »

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